Tammy delivered one of the most impactful presentations on leadership capability our team has seen in some time. Her tips were practical, useful and delivered with wit and flair. Regardless of seniority, gender and role, we all walked away with new ways of thinking.
— Christine Discola, Director and Country HR Officer, CitiGroup


You’re more powerful than you think

When you’re in the zone, doing your thing, you feel invincible, right? You know you can harness your mindset to make the impossible feel possible. It’s a powerful thing. But too often you use that power for evil rather than good. In fact, there are many ways we sabotage our own chances for advancement at work. Maybe it’s how you unwittingly confuse being a good team player with making yourself subservient. Maybe it’s because you hold onto control so tight you drown in long to do lists. In this keynote Tammy spurs you to think differently about your potential by focusing on a few critical shifts in your mindset.

HOW leaders impact gender diversity

Your organization is talking about gender diversity. But you’re frustrated because you can’t get the numbers to move fast enough. One step forward, three steps back. Or maybe you’re just starting out and don’t know where to start. Well intentioned organizations are investing, although in the wrong ways and in the wrong places. So what will it take today to make real and lasting progress? Tammy discusses learnings from organizations that are making progress and those struggling dismally. The real silver bullet it turns out is the critical role of people managers in leading the charge.

make a strategic shift

You want to be known as strategic. Of course you do. After all, strategic people are more successful, better paid, and have greater leadership potential. The quest to be perceived as strategic however, is a more difficult battle for women than men. One surprising study found that strategic ability was, in fact, women’s Achilles heel. But being perceived as strategic is well within your reach; and it’s probably not what you thought. Tammy confronts the misguided ideas and half truths about what being strategic means today. She shows how the smallest changes can impact how perceptions of your strategic capability are formed.



“Recently, I attended a WebEx facilitated by Tammy Heermann and it was well worth my time. Her energy, passion about the topic (creating a workplace that supports women in leadership roles), and well-researched recommendations kept me fully engaged. So much so, I invited her to speak at a major women’s leadership event next month!”

EVP, Director of Learning & Development, Fortune 500 Financial Institution


“Tammy is an outstanding speaker – prepared, polished and an audience favorite. She was one of the most practical keynotes for our group of professionals. She also brought excellent handouts and is wonderful to work with.”

 Ildi Arlette, Founder, Women in Leadership and Business Conference