benefit from broad perspective, and from a partner that knows the pressure you’re under to create impact and sustain results.

Tammy has designed, implemented and facilitated unique and engaging programs in multiple formats for over 20 years. She’s done this as a consultant, and she’s done this inside organizations as the head of learning and development.

She’s won awards from most of the industry recognized training associations over her career which has meant a lot for her and her clients. But the turning point award really was when the organization she worked for won an Oscar for their technical software. This taught her the importance of creativity, excellence and global resonance which remains with her today.



This is the hallmark of Tammy’s approach: 1) reflect on mindset first; 2) learn the small skillset changes that will make the biggest impact; 3) put practice into action during daily routines. Her workshops challenge individuals deeply, and provide a genuine and supportive environment where network relationships are built for the long term.

If you don't see a topic you’d like to address in your organization, just ask.

popular topics

Mindset – harness the power of your mind to see potential and possibility.

Vision – create a personal vision and plan to achieve your definition of success.

Influence – navigate with influence amidst the politics in your organization.

Presence – evolve how you are perceived by others.

Allies – architect the supporters and network to stay sane and get ahead.

Boundaries – take control of your defaults, decisions, and detriments.

Communication – speak confidently as a broad leader, not a technical expert.

Strategic Shift – move from executor of to-do lists to strategic leader.

“Tammy delivered an engaging presentation and workshop at our Growth Through Inclusion Symposium, an event designed to educate our employees on key issues that could hinder the advancement of our firm’s broader diversity and inclusion efforts. The event was attended and broadcast to our North America business, and Tammy did an outstanding job providing relatable examples of common pitfalls that employees face in the workplace, along with tangible advice on how to overcome these obstacles. For any organization looking to offer guidance to their staff on the principles and best practices of being strategic at work, I would recommend Tammy’s presentation and workshop unequivocally.”
— Jason Kern, CEO-Americas, LaSalle Investment Management