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Tammy has inspired females around the world through keynotes, workshops and high potential leadership development programs.



Find out why people call her “passionate, practical, and a powerhouse”.

Tammy’s leadership program unlocked something within that was visibly noticeable. A realisation of a capability never exploited, a new-found confidence to achieve a senior leadership position, or a paradigm shift of being capable of much more than once believed possible. It created stronger, more confident and intentional leaders than I think any of us expected.
— Emer Brady, Global Director, Mars


Ideal for networking events, management retreats and other forums when there is a need to challenge beliefs, inspire action, and provide practical ways to advance women in leadership.


why not me? ebook

Learn the common ways you may be holding yourself back and how to shift your mindset to achieve your definition of success.



Award-winning experience that transforms. Two hours or two days, it doesn’t matter, Tammy will ensure impact.

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Audiences served

Flexible and versatile. 12 people to over 2000. In person, live video broadcast, or pre-recorded.